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  • A long-term commitment by Zavon Kanion, DDS, ’75, and his wife Jacqueline of Kansas City, Missouri,
    Sources: Kansas City Business Journal, Kansas City Star

    resulted in the development of 30 new apartments on Kansas City’s east side for qualified low-income tenants. The developments represent a $9 million investment by the Kanions’ company, Oak Point Partners LLC. The project was recognized with a Cornerstone Award by the Kansas City Economic Development Corporation. The Cornerstone Awards recognize and honor companies and projects that strengthen our economy by creating jobs and infrastructure that advance the quality of life for Kansas City, Missouri residents. The new units include 13 duplexes and one four-unit building, each providing three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, fully equipped kitchens, central air conditioning and heating, connections for washers and dryers, and attached one-car garages. “Our desire is to place families in them,” Kanion said. “Two of the 30 units are fully accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act.” It is the Kanion’s desire to place families in the units and make the new development an integral part of the east Kansas City neighborhood.

  • Dr. Diana Owens Hart, ‘75, recently earned a doctorate in Education, with an emphasis in EducationalLeadership. She said, “I wanted all Alumni to know that wherever they are, even at our age, we can still achieve higher goals.”



  • During the 111th commencement ceremonies at Loma Linda University on May 28, several Oakwood alumni graduated with doctoral degrees from the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. Pictured (l-r) are School of Medicine graduates: Drs. Christopher K. Holloway, ’11; Brandon J.  Dixon, ’12; Whitney S. Evans, ’08; Monique D.  Harrison, ’11; and Derek J. McCalla, ‘13. Not pictured: Michael C. Nwosu, ’11. In the photo at lower right, School of Dentistry graduates Ryan Wisdom, ’13 and Ashley N. Akins, ’11, are all smiles.

  • With the help of INROADS, the nations’ largest nonprofit for leadership and career development, the Cooper sisters each landed careers at the same global corporation—Kaiser Permanente.

    The Cooper sisters, (pictured, l-r) Tiffany Cooper, ’17, Lauren Cooper, ’15, and Christina Cooper, ’12, are committed to spreading their success stories to their peers, past professors and friends to encourage others to achieve similar corporate success. “The Cooper sisters’ story is evidence that INROADS is able to capture the imagination of young people and provide them with developmental skills. With INROADS young professionals gain the tools needed to make a meaningful difference in their careers,” says Forest Harper, Jr., President and CEO. The organization has more than 28,000 alumni worldwide, many of whom serve in executive positions at Fortune 500 companies or organizations with significant global influence. To learn more, visit INROADS.org.

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