Fall Student Week of Prayer – “I AM”

During the fall semester, the Student Week of Prayer occurred September 26-30, 2016. Each appointed speaker shared their insights on one of the five ‘I AM’ statements of Jesus. The week’s programming allowed every class to be represented, and speakers were not just limited to theology majors. Ultimately, God was the One who chose the speakers, and each one was used uniquely for His glory.

Monday‘I am the Light of the World’
On Monday, which was led by the junior class, engineering major Ken Brandon explained light from a scientific perspective, which added a unique element to his sermon. At the end, we were awed by Christ’s power to obliterate darkness, in both the physical and spiritual realm.

Tuesday‘I am the Good Shepherd’
The freshman class led in all aspects of the service, giving God their best. Camille Belle, a double major in psychology and elementary education, likened Christ to our older brother, Someone who will always fight our battles, and will protect and take care of us.

Wednesday‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’
Wednesday night prayer meeting was led by the senior class. Caleb Akins, a senior Spanish major, shared that Christ is the only and unique way to reach the Father, and about the necessity of acknowledging God’s unique way of reaching Him. Moreover, if we have Christ, then we have truth and life abundantly.

Thursday‘I am the Bread of Life’
The sophomore class led out on Thursday. Biology major Jodi Lewis preached from her heart, in a way that was not only convicting, but sincere as well. Ms. Lewis showed that Christ is always sufficient, especially in the tough times of our lives, and that we should expect Him to supply all our needs.

Friday‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’
The Religious Vice President Bright A. Baah ended the week at Friday’s AYM, preaching about Christ resurrecting what we believe is dead in our lives. He talked about the faith of Mary and Martha, and how we are like them whenever we doubt Christ’s power in our lives.

Overall, the student week of prayer was successful not because of the number of people who came down for the appeal, or the number of individuals who stood for baptism, or the diversity of the speakers, but because God’s presence was felt throughout the whole week. Christ indeed was lifted up every night and the students were drawn to Him.

by Bright A. Baah, Religious Vice President, United Student Movement

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