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Memories are powerful. They help shape us into who we are. They remind us of our past and bring to mind both positive and negative thoughts. They also have the ability to create the desire to make more memories. I have been asked many times by others, what is my best memory of Oakwood? It is how I met my wife.

Back in the day, Oakwood College, as it was called, had a gymnastics team called the “Acro-Stars.” The year was 1992. We were excited about starting a team that would bring a new dimension to the athletic department on campus. I, a physical education major at the time, was the coach for the team intent on whipping them into shape. She, one of the team captains, came ready to work.

Catherine was a freshman, both beautiful and outgoing. However, despite this, she did not initially catch my eye. It was not until I found myself helping her move back into the dorm after Christmas break that I realized she might be the one. She brought out the best in me. As time passed, we continued to make great memories here at Oakwood, marry and have a family of our own.

Family creation has become a familiar story and memory for many who have attended “the Oaks,” as it is affectionately called. This, among other things, is what makes coming back to Oakwood so exciting! Many places around campus will trigger a flood of emotions that will cause one to cry, and even laugh upon traveling down memory lane. This is all a part of the “Oakwood experience.” It provides an opportunity to develop a relationship with God, learn among the best of your peers and, possibly, meet the person of your dreams.

Who knows, maybe your children, just like ours, will share a similar experience here at Oakwood University that will help shape who they will become and who the next generation Oakwoodites will be.

As we reminisce the past, become blessed in the present, let us remain hopeful of the future of our Oakwood University.

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