Information Technology Makes a Move

For a number of years, the Information Technology (IT) department has been scattered across the campus. Having offices in five different buildings made it more challenging for them to service the departments on campus and student concerns. But now, all of that is a thing of the past.

As of October 2016, the IT department has been relocated to one building, Blake Center. The staff and their leader, Kirk Nugent, Chief Information Officer (CIO), couldn’t be more excited.

“It was really important for me to bring the entire staff in one location,” says Nugent. “The comradery and team effort that I have seen since the move has made us a better group, a better family and a more cohesive unit.”

Some of main reasons for the IT move were:

  • To be more central to campus, and more available for student support.
  • 80% of the campus technology infrastructure (server access, switches, etc.) is located in Blake Center.
  • Majority of campus administrators are located in Blake Center.

“Technology doesn’t work well in isolation. We need to be able to come together and work on issues and challenges, sometimes very quickly, to make things happen. This move has enhanced our ability to get our campus IT infrastructure at its best,” remarks Nugent.

The changes that you now see in Blake Center are only the first phase of the renovations for IT. The second phase of construction is now underway and scheduled to be completed in the Spring semester 2017.

“We know that this move is better for our students and campus community. Instead of having to send people to different areas to get their issues resolved, they can come to one place. We see this as a win for our campus,” said Nugent.

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