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Introducing Mr. & Miss Oakwood

Jajuan Sanders is a native of the most charming city in America: Baltimore, Maryland. He was born to his greatest support and motivation, Christine Thomas and Johnathan Sanders. Currently, he is studying Theology and Psychology with the hopes of graduating with a BA in Theology and Psychology next school year. This vibrant young man aspires to become a minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and a marriage and family therapist. Even more so, he dreams of becoming one of the world’s greatest communicators so that he can impact several thousands of people, one message at a time.

Jajuan has made the most of his Oakwood experience by participating in several extra-curricular activities. He is a member of the AYM team, the assistant to the Religious-Vice President, a member of Life at Wade Hall Worship team, and a member of the Voices of Triumph Gospel choir. Being a part of organizations such as these propelled him to become one of the 2015 UNCF/Target Rising Stars where his story was featured at the “An Evening of Stars Awards” on BET.

His platform is on values driven leadership. Last summer, Jajuan was selected to be a part of the Walton UNCF K-12 Education Fellowship where he interned at “Leadership for Educational Equity.” It was here that a passion for authentic leadership was birthed. As the 2017-2018 Mr. Oakwood University, he will create a leadership program for the men on campus and hold monthly workshops so that the students can learn how to authentically lead others from their values. His vision is to  create a cohort of young, black, and educated male leaders who will not only stand together, but who will also impact the University together.

Hernandy Umanica Ulsaint hails from Miami, in the captivating, “sunshine state” of Florida. Being born a first generation American to a lineage of Haitian family members, Hernandy is also a dignified, honored, and altogether a proud Haitian-American. Hernandy’s bubbly and infectious personality is the epitome of radiance and sunshine. Her positivity, as well as the love and support of her family, is the reason she has made it thus far in her journey of life. Now an honor roll student at Oakwood University, her plan is to graduate with her degree in Biology in 2018.

Hernandy has been involved in many campus clubs and organizations namely, the chemistry club where she held the position of social coordinator and also an instructor for both anatomy and physiology and biology lab. She uses her love for the sciences to help other students excel in their academic endeavors. She also uses her humanity by reaching out to her local community by assisting in various homeless shelters. After graduating Oakwood University she plans to get her PhD and MD in infectious diseases, with which she hopes to address the health disparities in many communities.

Her platform is centered on five important aspects, which she describes with the acronym SHINE:  S-Sustain in God, H-Health and Happiness, I- Inspire and impact, N- Nurture and E-Embrace. With this platform, she aspires to be not only the voice for her peers, but also a beacon of light that will shine forth to others. Hernandy desires to walk hand-in-hand with students on this beautiful journey called life so that they can grow to be above and beyond what they want to be, and in turn they can go out and SHINE to others.


By Jajuan Sanders and Hernandy Ulsaint

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