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Oakwood Hosts 39th Annual UNCF Gala

Career Pathways Grant awardees receive $6,000,000 check from UNCF. (L-R) Dr. Billy Hawkins, president, Talladega College; Dr. Beverly Hogan, president, Tougaloo College; Dr. Leslie Pollard, president, Oakwood University; Dr. Michael Lomax, president and CEO, UNCF.
An Ka Fo Drum & Dance Ensemble’s performance added to the evening’s ambience.
A native of Cape Town, South Africa, musician Jonathan Butler was the guest artist for the Gala, accompanied by John Stoddart.
Radio personality and philanthropist Tom Joyner received an award for contributing to UNCF institutions.
The award for HEALS, Inc., was accepted by Jennifer Linton, CFO.

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