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OU School of Business Students Visit the Allen Entrepreneurial Institute International

The School of Business took 31 students from several different majors for a quick two-and-a-half day trip to the Allen Entrepreneurial Institute International (AEII) in Lithonia, Georgia. They were accompanied by three chaperones, Hyacinth Burton, Dean of the Business School, Marcia Lucombe, Secretary of the Business School, and Julian Waddell,   Information Security Specialist. After a four-hour bus ride, on arrival at the Institute, the students were given a tour of the lush campus which houses a five-star hotel, an entrepreneurial center, and the famous Rebecca’s House (seen in the TV show Greenleaf on the OWN network).   

The group introduced themselves and shared their life goals with influential people such as Bill Allen, business mogul, entrepreneur, and founder of Camp Exposure; and Glenn Hileman, COO Highmark School Development, in Murray, Utah.

The students spent Thursday attending seminars, rehearsing for the closing program, visiting Mr. Allen’s newest business, networking, performing the closing program and attending a formal banquet. Oakwood University President Dr. Leslie Pollard also spent Thursday with the group. On Friday morning, students attended the final presentation entitled “Build Your Brand, Be Your Boss, Know Your Rights,” by  Gary Washington, a criminal defense attorney  in  Conyers, Georgia.

Finance major and Phi Beta Lambda President Cardell Carolina said that, for him, it was about “educating youth to expand their vision of tomorrow.” Dillon Sinyard, Marketing major stated, “This was an enriching and educational experience that provided a lot of entrepreneurial insight and also exposed me to influential people.”  Genae Darville, freshman Finance major stated, “The AEII program enabled me to broaden my thinking on being an entrepreneur and what I can do as a freshman to complete that goal. Along with the networking and professional experience, AEII allowed me to gain more information about the importance of business etiquette.”

After observing Oakwood’s students during this trip, Matt Hampton, Director of the AEII, said that Oakwood is now on the “VIP” list, and that the Institute certainly wants to continue its partnership with Oakwood University.

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