Power Packed Weekend: He said, “Go”

During the Fall semester Power-Packed Weekend, under the banner theme “He Said Go,” associate chaplain Marlene King explored the subject of purpose. This is a brief synopsis of her first sermon in the series.

For many of us, when the subject of purpose is mentioned, we often find ourselves frustrated, not knowing what to do about it! I believe that before we were born and made our entrance into this earth, God created us with specific plans, purposes and dreams on how we would live out our lives in Him.

In 1 Corinthians 2:9, Paul said, that “eyes haven’t seen nor ears heard—nor has it entered into the hearts of man, all of the things God has prepared for them that love Him.” While this is a tangible, spiritual reality that God desires us to live with vitality, conviction and confidence, the enemy of God is always working behind the scenes to create havoc, drama and insurmountable pain.

It’s no surprise, then, that in spite of all the awesome and wonderful plans God has for us—we still sometimes lose our way, get completely off track and out of balance. Sometimes you feel like you’re moving forward toward your goals with everything happening according to plan, but then life begins to happen. While we are fighting the demon of self and the devil of lies, rumors and gossip begin to stir things up, only to break us down! We can’t find peace! We’ve lost our joy and lost our hope. It’s in these moments that we’ve got to follow the instruction of Psalm 27:13, 14—and enroll in the pre-requisite for preserving purpose, and allow faith to be our teacher. The text (in the New King James Version) points to three literal realities that are available—right now—to help us to win spiritually, and that’s where we’ve got to begin:

  • Believe God without having first seen
  • We’ve got to wait on God, and
  • We’ve got to be courageous

With all of the civic and domestic unrest happening in every part of the world, the increase of poverty, dehumanizing and demoralizing activities that used to be conducted in the underground world becoming mainstream, contaminated food and water sources, launching of nuclear missiles, economic distress and handicap—if we aren’t careful, as Christians today, it would be easy to find ourselves quickly falling into a pit of despair and hopelessness—but God! BUT GOD!

As I was wrestling with what to say to strengthen the hearts and minds of those who’ve been discomforted, God encouraged my heart with Psalm 27:13, 14. This is how we become strong in faith and strong in heart. We can never go with God along the journey, or go along the path and plans God has already determined and declared for us, if we don’t get this faith thing together! It’s NOT an option! The Bible tells us: it’s impossible to please God without faith. It’s the prerequisite to the journey!

God says “Go!” But until we get our faith renewed and our courage strengthened, we will never move! We will never “Go!” God is calling us to do greater and mightier things than Jesus Himself has done. We have got to believe that we can have the power to be and do all that He has purposed for our lives. Just tell Him, God I’ll Go! Tell Him, God I believe, I receive and I’ll Go!

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